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Beauty tip for the day: How old is your makeup? Wondering why your skin is breaking out even though you are doing all my tips? Maybe it's your makeup. This is one of the biggest problems I've seen for women. Is your mascara older then 3 months? Do you still have your liquid foundation from last summer? Did you buy a new favorite eyeliner and want to hold on to your old one "just in case"? You ain't foolin me sister! Do you know how much bacteria harbor in a old sponge or old bottle of foundation? No? Well.. LEMME TELL YA.. enough to cause eye and skin infections. Think about it, a pimple is already an infection, now go and add some bacteria ridden concealer to that puppy and you're bound to be on your way to the nearest dermatologist. Did you know the FDA does not require a expiration date on cosmetics? :) Pretty gross huh? Play it safe. Every liquid needs to be out of your makeup bag within 6 months, mascara/liquid eyeliner every 3 months. NO EXCUSES!!!! However powders can last you up to two years. The reason? No moisture! Bacteria can't grow as easily! I prefer cream concealer and powder foundation anyway, so much faster.
Don't think I'm serious about makeup hoarding? Haha check out this lady..

P.S. She's Miss Washington 2010

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