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Natural lip plumpers

Want Angelina lips without the injections? Natural lip plumpers include Cinnamon, Ginger, Peppermint, Cayenne or Red Peppers. You can use beeswax, vaseline (if you must), coconut/grapeseed oil, plain chapstick, or shea butter as your base! Before applying, grab a little sugar and exfoliate your lips, make sure you get all the sugar off with a cleanser after. Why do we use the sugar before you ask? Who knows the answer?!?!
Because exfoliating helps product penetrate deeper into the skin therefore actually helping the problem, not just softening dead skin!
If you guessed right CONGRATS! I don't have any prizes for you sorry, BUT you are starting to learn the science of skincare :) (Make sure if you are using pure essential oils that you are not using to much, they can be really traumatic to the skin!)

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