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 "What are ingrown hairs and how do I get rid of them?" Ingrown hairs are a result of (take a guess) NOT EXFOLIATING!! The skin builds up over the pore trapping the hair inside. This usually becomes infected and painful. The thicker/darker the hair is, the more prone to ingrowns! To prevent: Take your exfoliating glove (for body) or scrub (for face) before you shave, use warm water to open pores and soften skin. Then take your razor to it and follow up with a good cream/oil if you start to feel irritated. What's the best aftershave for the gents? TEA TREE OIL. It's antiseptic so it will kill all the bacteria before it even has a chance! It also smells good and can help with congestion! Other great ingredients that kill bacteria and calm skin include; aloe, lavender, witch hazel, geranium, pine, lemon and clove! SO once again kiddies: Exfoliate first to release dead skin, apply heat to open pores, then go to shave town!

MYTH: Waxing makes your hair grow in darker/thicker
FALSE!! Shaving makes it appear to be thicker because the tip of the hair is cut at a blunt angle instead of it's natural tip (so it feels and looks thicker) When you wax, the hair has to grow all over again in it's natural state with it's natural tip.

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