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Are Professional products really worth it?

Are professional products really worth it? YES.

Did you know? Over the counter skin care (neutrogena, clean and clear and the most recently popular olay) only has to contain 2% of the ingredient it states to be advertised on the product. "Packed with Vitamin C!" really means "you might as well pour a gallon of orange juice on your face" It has basically the same effect. They are also packed with "fillers" which are exactly what they say they are, they just fill the remainder of the bottle to make it look like you're getting alot of product. And mineral oil, ohhhhh mineral oil. Same with shampoos and conditioners. Sorry Suave, but yeah, you're not salon quality.

You are actually spending more money because you have to pay for additional products to solve the problems they were supposed to! Skin still breaking out even though you got your morning burst cleanser? Oh gosh! Must need 10 other products to put on it now! Spend smart. Buy from a spa or salon. Yes it's worth it. You wouldn't eat mcdonalds your whole life and expect to look healthy and thin. Same with your skin hair and nails! Buy the right stuff and you won't have the continuing problem!

My favorite lines?

Skincare: Rhonda Allison and A Natural Difference

Hair: Redken and Kenra

Nails: OPI for regular polish or Gelish for Gel... Base and Top Coats by Creative CND (stickey, super shiney) 

Self-Tan: SUN LABS!

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