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Natural lip plumpers

Want Angelina lips without the injections? Natural lip plumpers include Cinnamon, Ginger, Peppermint, Cayenne or Red Peppers. You can use beeswax, vaseline (if you must), coconut/grapeseed oil, plain chapstick, or shea butter as your base! Before applying, grab a little sugar and exfoliate your lips, make sure you get all the sugar off with a cleanser after. Why do we use the sugar before you ask? Who knows the answer?!?!
Because exfoliating helps product penetrate deeper into the skin therefore actually helping the problem, not just softening dead skin!
If you guessed right CONGRATS! I don't have any prizes for you sorry, BUT you are starting to learn the science of skincare :) (Make sure if you are using pure essential oils that you are not using to much, they can be really traumatic to the skin!)

Old makeup

Beauty tip for the day: How old is your makeup? Wondering why your skin is breaking out even though you are doing all my tips? Maybe it's your makeup. This is one of the biggest problems I've seen for women. Is your mascara older then 3 months? Do you still have your liquid foundation from last summer? Did you buy a new favorite eyeliner and want to hold on to your old one "just in case"? You ain't foolin me sister! Do you know how much bacteria harbor in a old sponge or old bottle of foundation? No? Well.. LEMME TELL YA.. enough to cause eye and skin infections. Think about it, a pimple is already an infection, now go and add some bacteria ridden concealer to that puppy and you're bound to be on your way to the nearest dermatologist. Did you know the FDA does not require a expiration date on cosmetics? :) Pretty gross huh? Play it safe. Every liquid needs to be out of your makeup bag within 6 months, mascara/liquid eyeliner every 3 months. NO EXCUSES!!!! However powders can last you up to two years. The reason? No moisture! Bacteria can't grow as easily! I prefer cream concealer and powder foundation anyway, so much faster.
Don't think I'm serious about makeup hoarding? Haha check out this lady..

P.S. She's Miss Washington 2010

At home facial


Beauty tip for the day: Giving yourself an at home facial? Get a pot of boiling water ready, cleanse and exfoliate, then put your face over the boiling water, the steam will open pores making anything you put on it after penetrate more effectively, also it's best to steam before extractions. If you have any blemishes, now would be the time to remove them. Afterwards, wipe skin with an antiseptic toner and finish with a mask that kills bacteria and draws out impurities. Try a ...clay based mask or my ALL TIME FAVORITE - Key Lime Mask by A Natural Difference Skincare U.S. Even if you have dry or aging skin, I still prefer this mask since it keeps skin clear and tightens. Finish off with a hydrating moisturizer that will fill pores with the good stuff!!! It's best to do this before bed so your skin has alot of time to benefit from the products, and also in case it's a little inflamed, it gives it a chance to calm down. Recommended amount of facials per year? 12. One every month, exfoliating 2-3 times a week and moisturizing with spf EVERY DAY. Happy Tuesday!!

Strong Nails!

To make nails super strong, skip the nail strengthener and vitamins (of course they will help but...) The biggest cause of weak nails are the way you file them. Always file from right and then from left. Never start in the middle. Then finish them up with a 3 sided buffer to make them smooth. (I like OPI Brilliance Buffer) If any of your nails have started to peel, this smooths them down to a glass like surface, buffing out the flaws and making them strong and beautiful!

Dirty hair does curl better!

Beauty tip of the day: Dirty hair curls better because of the moisture in the hair. Have you used hairspray before you take the curling iron to your hair? Well....dont :) You are just causing unnessesary damage, drying it out evenmore. Instead, get yourself a curl setting spray to use before, let curls cool, style the way you want it to stay, and then spray with hairspray. Don't try to style your hair after hairspray or it will just look like a frizzy hot mess. I always turn my head to the side, spray from underneath and scrunch, I think it gives the best curl. Happy Weekend everyone!

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